Coldplay - Paradise (2012) 4:44 (USA)


Coldplay - Paradise (2012) 4:44 (USA)

Coldplay and director Shynola of Black Dog Films UK team up again for the international sensation's latest hit, "Paradise." The video follows a young girl as she emerges from prison and revisits her old life. The film is a continuation of Shynola's roster of work (Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing," Radiohead, Beck), and marks a gritty, visceral foray into live action from his tradition of excellence in animation.

Artist: Coldplay
Track: Paradise

Label: EMI
Label Location: London
Commissioner: James Hackett

Production Company: Black Dog Films
Production Company Location: London
Executive Producer: Svana Gisla
Producer: Rob Small
Director: Shynola
DOP: Richard Stewart
Production Designer: Anna Sheldrake

Editorial Company: Trim
Editorial Company Location: London
Editor: Julia Knight

Telecine Company: Tom Russell

Colorist: Tom Russell

Ellen: Lily-May Crosby
Ex: Billy Hopkins
Ex's Wife: Maya Beresford
Beach Boy: Jakub Midzio
Lowlife: Basil Badi
Prison Guard: Vauxhall Jermaine
Nosey Neighbour: Julia Lacey
Prison Desk Clerk: Graham Bohea
Prison Warden: Jade Crosby

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