Agency: McKinney, Durham NC

Most consumers know what to expect from real estate commercials—picket fences, manicured lawns and "sold" signs. Coldwell Banker and McKinney have launched a new integrated campaign that breaks through the "sea of sameness" and shows consumers the best of both worlds: easy to use online tools and experienced agents who can guide them through each step to home ownership. Founders Coldwell and Banker have always been known for their pioneering spirit and passion to innovate. So don’t be surprised if you see them popping up at events and on popular social networking sites.

Agency / McKinney
Client / Coldwell Banker
Title / Portraits Campaign
Launch Date / 02.25.08
Executive Creative Director / Jonathan Cude
Group Creative Director / Ellen Steinberg
Art Director / Bob Ranew
Copywriter / Keith Greenstein, Jonathan Cude, Jenny Nicholson, Sanders Hearne
Senior Broadcast Producer / Josh Eggleston
Broadcast Coordinator / Leslie Riley
Production Company / Park Pictures
Director / Alison MacLean
Director of Photography / Manuel Ruiz
Editorial Company / McKinney
Editor / Erin Gurdziel


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