Everyone deserves a home, whether you're a human or a pet. Coldwell Banker is committed to finding homes for both. In fact, with their partnership with Adopt A Pet Coldwell has found homes for 20,000 dogs. This spot depicts that feeling of what it means to own a pet, but also what that pet brings to the home. The best scene is when the guy walks into the pet store and looks at the dogs and his dog is already reaching out to him. That's a legit moment right there.

Client: Coldwell Banker Agency: Siltanen & Partners, Los Angeles Executive Creative Director: Rob Siltanen Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Bremner Copywriters: Joe Siltanen, Brian Howell Assistant art director: Rayne Chapman Director of Broadcast: Maricella Rogers Production & Editing company: City of Angels Creative Enterprises Editor: Andy Peters Graphics: Matt Perry Director: Jonathan David DP: Andy Lilien Colorist: Dave Hussey at Company 3 (CO3) Online Artist: Wren Waters at Therapy Studios Assistant: Amber Andrada Producer: Allegra Bartlett Music Composer: Ben Kahle Songwriter: Brian Howell Mix: David Wagg at Lime Studios