What if kids were dentists? This ad for Colgate finds out. Quite silly as you'd expect it to be.

It's also very similar in execution to AT&T's It's not that complicated campaign.

I suspect the reason is twofold. For one thing, "Parents with kids" is becoming as hot a demographic as 18-24, since you know, parents with kids spend money on necessary items on a daily basis. And secondly it's because a lot of people in advertising now have kids at this age and are discovering what parents who don't work 80 hours a week already know about kids: That they're cute, fun and idiosyncratic.

I know mine is. Except she's way smarter and cuter and funnier. And that's an unbiased opinion.

Client: Colgate Agency: Red Fuse Creative Director: Ingrid Ducmanis Art Director: Jay Machain Copywriter: Robin Gelfenbein Producer: Lisa Kaplan Global Digital Account Manager: Christine Rousseau Production Business Manager: Jeff Fischer EP: Barbara Resua Sr. Project Manager: Bryant Briggs Production: kaboom EP: lauren Schwartz Head of Production: steven sills Director: erik moe Producer: Becky Brown Editorial Company: ShootersNYC Editor: Dave Bradley Assistant Editor: Eduardo Wong Managing Director/EP: Jeff Beckerman Postproduction Company: ShootersNYC Smoke Artist: Mark Longchamps Color: Matthew Rosenblum Online Editor: Dave Bradley Sound Mix: Mike Taylor (ShootersINC) Local VO Record: Analogue Muse/NY

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