Globally, Colombia might be better known for drugs and kidnappings than for any other reason. But now with a new, fragile cease-fire agreement between the Colombian Government and FARC peace time may finally become a reality after five decades of fighting.
If this is indeed the case, there will be a lot of able bodied men and women in need of a job and a steady paycheck.That's where this film comes in. Despite the atrocities, Colombia is a beautiful place, literally brimming over with flowers. And with more than 500 varieties, they are the largest exporter of flowers to the U.S. alone.
In short this spot reminds the world, as well as Colombians, that there is now a real chance to have the country stand for something else-- beauty-- and maybe hopefully influence the rest of the world, too. Because the world needs more flowers and fewer guns.
Nice poetic idea. By the way, they used more than 25,000 flowers to make this epic spot.

Client: Asociación Colombiana de Exportadores de Flores Agency: Anthropologic Creative Director: Alejandro Ruggiero Production Company: Covisual, Colombia Director: Andres García Producer: Luis Fernando Cadena Director Assistant: Tomas Reines Photography Director: Mauricio Vidal Art Director: Ana María Acero Editor: Mauricio Saleh Music and Sound: Juan José Salazar Voice: Jose Restrepo