Rhino's Harry Dorrington directed a dazzling, 100 percent CG spot promoting Comcast's Triple Play Rewards program. Dorrington directed the :30 entirely in-house at Rhino, completing it only five weeks after Agency M approached the studio for the project.
Gift Box centers around a Kubrick-inspired under-lit cube floating in a stark white world. The cube rotates through space, each side featuring a different element of the triple play (Digital TV, high-speed Internet, phone service), while a voiceover details the rewards program.
When a red ribbon ties itself gift-wrap style around the cube, it begins to shake until the top springs open like a jack-in-the-box, releasing a thundering stream of tiny CG props - popcorn, video game controllers, drum kits - representing potential rewards. The props continue to swirl around blizzard-like behind the typography for the spot's remainder, injecting the spot with a magical feel. Dorrington and his team executed the spot entirely in Maya, then topped it off with particle simulation and an HD Flame finish.

Client: Comcast
Spot Title: Gift
Air Date: November 2009
Agency: Agency M
Executive Producer: Conrad Layson
Creative Director: Rob Linsalata
Art Director: Heather DiPiazza
Account Executive: Kelly Horst
Copywriter: Courtney Abud
Post/Effects: Rhino
Creative Director/Director: Harry Dorrington
Executive Producer: Yfat Neev
Producer: Cara Buckley
CG Supervisor: Yuval Levy
3D TD: Ivan Guerrero
3D Modeler: Brian Dinoto
3D Modeler: Bogdan Mihaljovic
3D Previz: Sean Curran
3D Animator: Goran Ognjanovic
3D Texturing: Yuheng Chiang
3D Lighter: David Bernkopf, Rob Pearson
Flame Compositor: Micky Gorenstein
Flame Assistant: Barry Furlano
Production Manager: Lauren Montuori
COO: Camille Geier
Managing Director: Rick Wagonheim
CEO: Zviah Eldar
Music & Sound Design: Wicked Music
Original music: WickedMusic.com
Sound Design: WickedMusic.com
Audio Mix: Studio Center
Audio Mixer: Pete Romano

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