You remember Judith & Judith don't you? They've been the Snapple-like gals, and then they continued their campaign career by doing homages to virals. Of course they had to go all Psy on us.

Lyrics, translated (where it has to be):

Surf surf surf surf - surfa Comhem Style

Surfa = "to surf" in Swedish.

När du skall surfa, stream film och ladda upp en fil

When you want to surf, steam a movie and upload a file.

Då måste det gå snabbt och det måste vara stabilt

It has to be fast, it has to be stable.

När du skall spela spel då får det inte vara gösigt

When you want to play network games it can't be all crapola

Det måste vara bra med fart det måste vara ösigt!

It has to be fast and it has to be kick-ass

Jätte-maxat bredband, på två-hundra mega-bit bit bit bit

Super-maxed broadband, at two-hundred mega-bit bit bit!

För dig som vill ha super-maxat mycket mera mig mig mig

For you who want super maxed more of me me me !

Surfa Comhem Style. Comhem Style.

Surf comhem style! Comhem style.

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