Judit & Judit the comhem girls who already nod to Snapple's Wanda, have created a homage to all those virals out there in this 45 spot to celebrate that Comhem has delivered internet to Sweden since 1999. In it we see references to Mentos & Coke*, Chocolate Rain *, "Leave Britney alone!"*, the Swedish TV host who was suddenly ill on live television *, Nunchuck guy *, The Bad Day Viral (which already spawned it's own viral homage), Ansiktsburk * a turkish song subtitled with what it sounds like in Swedish, ending up being a love poem to "face-cans", and many more. If you recall all of them, you need to step away from the keyboard for a moment. ;)

The ad was shot by Traktor and created by King advertising agency, Stockholm.

Ad agency: KING
CD: Frank Hollingworth
AD: Tommy Carlsson
Copywriter: Christian Karlsson / Niclas Carlsson
Web Director: Thomas Larsson
AD Ass.: Philip Åstmar
Produktionsledare: Anna Magnusson/Sofia Weman
Projektledare: Lina Gooch

Production Company: Traktor
Director: Mats Lindberg
Directors assistant: Erik Nilsson
Producer: Anders Gernandt
DoP: Göran Hallberg
Scene: Roger Rosenberg

Post production: STOPP

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Thanks to a pal on twitter @oskcar I now know where that "Vem vare som kasta" came from. The bit where Judit is dressed in all white walking through a park, it's referencing this film - and now I'm rather impressed by the actress skills as she has his bizarre way of walking down pat. (feels a bit like that Virgin spot the band name game for me, trying to figure out the Swedish "virals" that I've missed)

    Oct 28, 2009
  • Neo's picture

    I had never seen that, and wished I hadn't seen that girl throw up on live TV either.

    Oct 29, 2009
  • kamari's picture

    This is shit. A total rip-off from the 100 best moments of youtube. Sans the funny.

    Oct 30, 2009

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