This is a spec ad for Converse, that reimagines the Cinderella story. It was directed by Plummer/Strauss. As a spec ad, it is definitely a departure from Converse's more rock and roll cooler-than-thou tone. It has a very 80s feel to it, at least to me. Like a PG version of "Fast Times." I appreciate the story telling here as well as the direction and the cinematography. As a spec ad it demonstrates their abilities.

However. The story telling is definitely not true to Converse's roots. Having worked on a shoe brand (a competitor in fact) before, in my opinion, they are showing way too much product. Most shoe brands very much want to come across as being cool. Sometimes desperately so. They'd never do anything as gauche as putting the product in the middle of the frame.

So I applaud them for trying something different. It's spec, after all. You can do whatever the hell you want. I just wish it showed a better understanding of the brand's essence.

Agency: Spec
Director: Plummer/Strauss
Producer: Sibilla Carini & Plummer/Strauss
Editor: Sergio Rodriguez (of Teak Digital)
Music: Jon Shamieh (of Swell Music) with vocals & lyrics by David Foerster
Cinematography: Spenser T. Nottage
Production Design: Jessie Chaffin
Principal Talent: Jonathan Grebe, Kendall Carroll
Country: USA


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