To sell Copper Mountain resort, Wexley introduces us to a family that spend the first ten seconds of the spot talking about "coming"

Hey, you gotta sell ski resorts in summer somehow, right?

Did I mention this spot stars a family?

Client: Copper Mountain Resort
Agency: Wexley School for Girls
Executive Creative Directors: Cal McAllister, Todd Grant
Director of Production: Gabe Hajiani
Writer: Cal McAllister
Art Director: Todd Grant
Designer: Sean Hamilton
Executive Producer: Gina Windemuth
Associate Producer: Maddy Paulino
Account Supervisor: Jordan Kinsler
Account Manager: MacKenzie Huff
Clients: Copper Mountain – Dwight Eppinger, Erin Woods
Production Co: Alarming Pictures
Director(s): Jack Hodge, Carol Hodge
Producer: Mark Campbell
DP: Stephen McGhee
Editorial Co: Duncan Sharp Films
Editor: Duncan Sharp
Audio: Pure Audio
Sound Designer/Mixer: Scott Weiss
Talent: Pete Giovine
Emily Rued
Jamie Morgan
Geoff Lott


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  • Dabitch's picture

    ... They should have a swingers festival.... It ain't the aristocrats.

    What is wrong with the guy on the left? It's like they hired two really tall adults and two smaller adults for this.

    Jun 20, 2013

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