The sound design in this spot is amazing. And the music is fantastic.

But I do feel as though it should come with a warning: If at any point during the lime ritual things start to get a little too hyper loud and you are hallucinating and you hear the sound of helicopters that aren't there, you can either lie down or move to the safe space tent. Just breathe slowly. It will pass. And soon the drowsy guitars will appear and you'll come to your senses and you'll be where you should be: Back on the beach with Corona.

CORONA (Anheuser-Bush InBev) Marcel Marcondes Global Marketing Vice President Thiago Zanettini Global Marketing Director Clarissa Pantoja Global Communications Director Evan Ellman Global Brand Manager WIEDEN+KENNEDY AMSTERDAM Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy Creative Director Alvaro Sotomayer, Thierry Albert Art Director Kia Heinnen, Malia Killings Copywriter Bern Hunter Head of Broadcast Production Joe Togneri Director of Interactive Production Kelsie van Deman Broadcast Producer Kimia Farshidzad, Javier Perroud, Maud Klarenbeek, Stacey Prudden Interactive Producer Jennifer Bernard Production Assistant Hayley Vair Planner Nick Docherty, Alex Jordan Senior Digital Strategist Greg White Communications Planner Wes Young Social Content Strategist Jordan Sowunmi Group Account Director Kirk Johnsen Account Director Courtney Trull Account Manager Jorge Papa, Jasmina Almeda, Alex Scaros Account Executive Emma Salomon Head of Art Production Maud Klarenbeek Art Producer Stacey Prudden Studio Artist Malia Killings, Noa Redero Designer Thomas Payne, Malia Killings Project Manager Janna Harrington Business Affairs Michael Graves, Emilie Douque FILM PRODUCTION – LIME RITUAL PRODUCTION COMPANY PARK PICTURES Director Christian Weber Producer Norman Reiss Executive Producer Stephen Brierley FILM PRODUCTION – THE FLOW PRODUCTION COMPANY FRIEND LONDON Director Hiro Murai Producer Richard Fenton Executive Producer Luke Jacobs EDITING COMPANY WHITEHOUSEPOST Editor Lisa Gunning AUDIO POST THE ARTOFFICIAL AGENCY Sound Designer/Mixer Martin Dirkov MUSIC Artist / Title Khruangbin “The Number 4” Label: Publisher: Night Time Stories Ltd Five Missions More LTD POST PRODUCTION MPC LONDON Colorist Matthieu Toullet Producer Paul Branch PRINT PRODUCTION Photographer Morgan Maassen, Vava Ribeiro PRODUCTION COMPANY AM MARTINEZ FILMES, SUPERVISION NEW YORK Retouching Loupe Digital Imaging Producer Anna Martinez (AM MARTINEZ FILMES) , Rebecca McCubbin (Supervision) BOTTLE FILM PRODUCTION PRODUCTION COMPANY AM MARTINEZ FILMES, SUPERVISION NEW YORK Videographers Morgan Maassen (Freelance), Vava Ribeiro (Supervision), Quentin van den Bossche (W+K) Producer Anna Martinez, Rebecca Mccubbin (Supervision) BOTTLE FILM POST PRODUCTION Flame Ricky Weissman (MPC) Editor Quentin van den Bossche (W+K) Telecine Matthieu Toullet (MPC) Producer Edwin Elkington (MPC) CINEMAGRAPH PRODUCTION Production Company WOOD WORK Producer Marvin Koppejan,, Tirza Snip

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