Corona - Live Mas Fina - (2013) :60 (Canada)


Corona - Live Mas Fina - (2013) :60 (Canada)

Oh yeay, another manifesto ad. Life life to the fullest. Break hearts. Have yours broken. Seek discomfort. See sunsets. See sunrises (when you sneak out of that dudes bead...). See massive raves. Dance with colors in Goa. See the world. Be scared. Be brave. Be riding in a taxi across a bridge. Be watching manifesto ads thinking "yeah man, I want to do that". Will you have lived an extraordinary life? Will you have lived mas fina? Live Mas Fina. Hey Corona, meet Taco Bell and their "Live Mas". It's a match made in heaven, bad mexican fast food and terrible beer.

“The campaign is a challenge to live life on your own terms and never accept ordinary.” says Drew Munro, President & CEO at Modelo Molson Imports L.P, “Corona Extra is no ordinary beer, it is the original Cerveza with the unique lime ritual, sold in over 180 countries around the world - it’s time for everyone to get out there and experience it.”
“You can live on the sidelines, be beige, boring and never take any risks. Or you can choose to Live Mas Fina and live in an extraordinary way,” explains Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer and President at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “You can choose to be interesting, inspired and follow your own path, not someone else’s.”

Shame the ads don't follow their own path, Zak. The manifesto ads are a terrible trend, it needs to stop.


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