Cottonelle - Dry Shampoo / Salon - (2013) :30

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"Would you let a car wash attendant wash your car without water? How about letting your stylist wash your hair without water? Then why are you ok with cleaning your bum without water?"

Am I? Oh gosh, I learn way too much from advertising.

'As a follow-up to the successful Cottonelle spots for the “Test Your Cleaning Logic” campaign that ran earlier this year, at the client’s request, the agency re-cut its successful hidden camera online spots to run on broadcast TV.'

TRIS3CT: Mel Routhier — Group Creative Director Dave Wasserman — Creative Director Dan Ware — Associate Creative Director, Copy Sarah Young — Associate Creative Director, Art Jen Passaniti — Producer Production Company: Station Films Director: Sam Cadman Editorial: Whitehouse
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