Crank calling Goodby Silverstein


Crank calling Goodby Silverstein

In the following short clip, some guy calls Goodby Silverstein & Partners from a phonebooth, and asks for Jeff Silverstein...... (read more to see the clip).




It's to promote the Clios.

It's like an onion, except with only two layers.

*giggle* What an apt description!

kinda funny... we walked outside the office the other day and saw a couple stickers on our ashtrays and telephone booths. well done

For those who are curious who is behind this, a simple "whois" shows that the is registered to someone at SS+K (Shepardson Stern & Kaminsky), some shop out of NYC.

Perhaps those who haven't been job searching in a while will find this more amusing than those who have been pounding the pavement.

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