There's a concept to this music video, one that involves regurgitating stock photography ideas and re-doing it. So no, it's not The Danish Banks version of The New Normal. Logging into stock photo Getty Images and searching for "crash" and "computing" Copenhagen ad agency SELIGEMIG found images of broken glass, cars leaping off cliffs, retro-computing, future computing and even a man that looks like Mr Spicy Meatballs tearing up his stereotypical italian dinner. Re-shooting all of these images, they made a music video set to the beat and, each image in the video makes a unique album cover for the song, so the audience can own a piece of the music video. It's retro, re-mix culture, tron and fresh new all at once. 462 unique covers - a beat, is a clip, is a cover. See more at where you can pick your favorite cover and buy the album.

Ad agency: SeLigeMig (look at me) Website:

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