The award-winning multidisciplinary production company Blacklist recently created a series of :15-second animated films to promote Rdio, the groundbreaking digital music service started by the founders of Skype. Available on any device in over a dozen countries around the globe, Rdio provides subscribers on-demand access to over 18 million songs without ever hearing a single ad. In keeping with Rdio’s ad-free format, the Blacklist campaign is not really advertising; rather, it’s a series of visually spectacular art pieces set to newly released music by cutting edge music artists.

"Rdio came to Blacklist with an incredibly open and creative brief, essentially to create something visually stimulating to pair with new music being launched on the service," said Blacklist Executive Producer Adina Sales. "Each of our directors who participate in the campaign bring their own thinking/ideas to the table."

Client: Rdio Prod Co: Blacklist EP: Andrew Linsk Producer: Patrick Gantert Animation Production: WIZZ Direction: CRCR CRCR Team: Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Pegon, Paul Lacolley, Jeremy Pires, Nicolas Deghanni, Vic Chuun Line Producer: Penelope Bischoff

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