Crusha - Gym Kittens - (2008) :30 (UK)


Crusha - Gym Kittens - (2008) :30 (UK)

Director: Joel Veitch
Produced by Tomboy Films.



Bloody fantastic!

Everything that lad touches is pure gold! Go to Rathergood right now for a full-on dance anthem based on this very ad, and to see all Veitch's previous work as well.

My personal favourites are: Soupy George, My Cat's Got Knees, The Soluble Song, When Biscuits Go Wrong, and The Fishy Song (the last one NSFW). Their videos for the songs Gay Bar and Tanz mit Laibach are also pretty darn unmissable, although Tanz mit Laibach might give you a headache if you let it go on too long.

Yes, also lets not forget "THEY HAVE A PEPPER BAAAAAR" - hehehe.

And Joel was the victim in Badland once too when Coke ripped off both his animation style and music style.

Looks like everybody likes the Crusha ad:

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