Cruzan Rum "Parrot Search Engine" (2013) :25 (U.S.A.)


Cruzan Rum "Parrot Search Engine" (2013) :25 (U.S.A.)

It's twenty five seconds of a parrot spelling and sorta squawking out The Don't Hurry dot com.

Twenty five seconds to showcase a website. And when you type in the website name, it leads you to their Youtube page.


Client: Cruzan Rum



but.. but... it's a dancing parrot...

Okay, it may be hokey in some senses. But every single word you heard was said by a parrot. Not only that, but getting that to the board. The parrot in the actual commercial had to do way less and is far more popular. That is so not fair to this cute, blue and gold dancer, talker, put the website up-er! I'd like you to teach a parrot to do all that! hehe. Enjoy the video!

Signed, The Trainer...

I could care less about the parrot. I'm judging the ad. And it's not very good.

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