Cruzan Rum "Welcome to the Don't Hurry" (2013) 1:50 (U.S.A.)

Welcome to the Island of The Don't Hurry. Where there are Zero K runs, Sleep Yoga and a Barry White sounding parrot and turtles bringing you beverages.

Not to mention some slow moving beach goers and one spokesman who acts like The Most Interesting Man. If the Most Interesting Man used his Cruzan Rum to wash down a dozen valium.

To say this is a very weird commercial is understating it. There's even a strange edit around the 1:18 mark. It was either a mistake and they went with it, or they are trying to conceptually approximate what it's like to have one flash of lucidness during an alcoholic black out. Hard to say which. Especially because this piece of dialogue follows it: "Remember that thing you have to do? Neither do we."

Funny too...buried in all this drunken haze is a really nice sentiment that could have led to much smarter work:

When you hurry through life you just get to the end faster.

Client: Cruzan Rum
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