Crystal Geyser spring water is always bottled at the mountain source. Drones were used to capture footage from the Mount Shasta and Mount Whitney springs racing along until it ends up in the hands of a woman enjoying a bottle on the beach. Pretty neat looking effect. And it also gives a very specific USP-- Crystal Geyser really is bottled at the source.

Cklient: Crystal Geyser
Director/DP - Brendan Williams
Production Company - A Common Thread
Line Producer - Jason Richardson
Post House - TCC
Off-Line Editor - Troy Courtney
On-Line Compositor's - Troy Courtney & Brian Collins
Sound Design - Ross Batten
Mixer - John Chominsky
Color: Apache
Nice and Company
ECD: Doug Finelli
Senior Art Director: Val Beckwith
VP Account Director: Darren Fitzgerald
Agency Producer: Troy Courtney


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