Connecticut Realtors is proud to make Connecticut home and call their realtors superstars. The WWE is also proud to call Connecticut home and has a bunch of superstars, too. And they got a couple of them, Big Show and Titus O’Neil, to show some homeowners how moving gets done. Best part in this scene is when Titus picks up a folding chair and looks like "Should I do it?" Ha ha ha ha. Very funny.

Client: CT Realtors Agency: Sleek Machine, Boston Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cawley Senior Copywriter: Jeff Marois Art Director: Alan Duda Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette Talent: WWE’s Big Show & Titus O’Neil Director of Photography: Owen Mack @ CoBrandit Editor: Dave Shaw Additional Cameras: Alex Pickering & Mike Quill Account Supervisor: Geenamarie Shuttleworth Music: ‘So Bad’ courtesy of Marmoset Music

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