Opus Film director Barney Cokeliss collaborated with UK Cut+Run editor Ben Campbell to create a cinematic spot for Tatra Beer via agency Change Integrated. Set to the mountainous backdrop from which Tatra Beer gets its namesake, the spot beautifully conveys the true character of Tatra Beer through an emotive story about a heroic man and his horse.

The spot opens as a grizzled frontiersman inches towards a wild horse rearing in fear. Outwardly, the ensuing interplay is a man’s arduous attempt to tame the feral; but eventually the horse concedes, revealing the frontiersman’s true motive: to safely guide his companion, the petrified horse, through a roaring wildfire.

Campbell’s edits evoke the dynamic and emotive tension of Cokeliss’ cinematography and dialogue-free narrative featuring beautifully framed body language.

Credits: Agency: Change Integrated, Poland Production Company: Opus Film Director: Barney Cokeliss Edit House: Cut+Run Editor: Ben Campbell

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    That was beautiful.

    Jul 22, 2010

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