Four students launches D&AD Creative Search as a tool for other students during the D&AD Students Award 2010.
The Internet has a huge role in the everyday life of creatives. We use services such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and news sites are something that we use everyday.
It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with information when we perform a simple search on a new subject. This demands more mental activity than necessary in order to sort the results.
D&AD Creative Search sifts through results from the major services we all have daily contact with. You get a simple, flexible, and structured overview of your search.
The results can provide new angles as you see the subject yield images, texts, films and music in the same place.
During the coming month Creative Search will launch more exciting features and services.

Creative Search is created by: Peter Prinz, Kaspar Prinz and Philip Cristofor and Axel Lewenhaupt Beckmans College of Design, Sweden

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