Voters in the Republic of Ireland will be deciding if same-sex marriage should be made legal following a referendum on the 22nd May of this year. In order to make a stand against some "pretty ugly lies" which are being printed against marriage equality, Daintree Paper will be turning them into confetti to raise money for your upcoming gay wedding. Profits go to Yes Equality, the campaign for a Yes vote. Lovely stuff.

But before we get too happy-clappy, let's switch our analytical brains on. This advertising is much too good to be an in-house piece from a little paper shop you've never heard of - in both the concept and execution. They've put everything behind it; we are talking a full integrated campaign including social media, a microsite, and a physical product - and that doesn't come cheap. Someone is hoping for a viral hit. And those someones are new owners Ger and Lar Barron, paper merchants (of parent company Realt Paper Ltd), and agency responsible for the work, Rothco.

Daintree Paper are apparently better known in Ireland for a gay cake-topper row, where previous owner Paul Barnes is on record as saying his store "would not stock any merchandise that promotes same-sex marriage”. New owners clearly looking for a rebrand, both of their business, their ethics, but also putting marketing efforts behind an admirable cause.

I wish them every success. Since I started writing this piece, their video has doubled in views, so I think we might have a nice little viral hit on our hands, especially in the run up to the referendum.

Feedback over the social webs is unanimously positive: