Daiya "Cheesier than ever" (2016) :60 (USA)

Daiya is a cheese substitute but that doesn't mean it still isn't cheesy. In this fake sitcom we see a wife who has made a pizza with Daiya and her husband says to her "Pizza? Now that's a thing I enjoy," followed by 50 seconds of studio laugh track. I guess it could have been funnier if the opening dialogue was even halfway approaching the husband making a joke, but instead, no, it's just bad acting and innocuous dialogue followed by 50 seconds of laughing. It's a very nice take on the cheesiness of sitcoms. The upshot is that now I know Daiya is pronounced like Day-Ah, and not Die-ah, so at least I learned something.

Client: Daiya Food Art Director: Mia Nogueira Writer: Brian Mulligan Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg Producer: Lindsey Ritter & Kate Osborne Director of Media: Sam Johnson Media Planner: Alex Namatevs Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney Account Director: Paul Siegel Director Client Services: Christi Tucay Production Company: Freestyle Picture Company Director: Spencer Chinoy EP: Kevin Chinoy DP: Jeffrey Schneider Post Production: Cosmo Street Post Producer: Chelsea Spensley Editor: Jeff Grippe Audio: Lime studios Mix/SFX: Zac Fisher Color: Apache Colorist: Steve Rodriguez
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