Ad agency: Heimer & Company Reklambyrå

Super: "The food is on it«s way"
".. it just has to ride a boat for 11600 KM* (Brazil - Sweden)"
".. or be driven 3300 km with a truck* (*Spain - Sweden)"
"Choose food from Dalarna"
VO: "Choose food that comes from Dalarna instead. Dalarnas Mat"

Planner & CW: Niclas Strandh
AD: Magnus Larsson
project leader: Helenè Eriksson, projektledare
Production: Matinè Film & Television
Director: Mats Omne
Editor: Göran Thorèn
Project administrator: Helena Lindgren
Music: Niclas Strandh


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  • deeped's picture

    Yeah. Do it yourself with no budget.

    Mar 19, 2007

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