Tomas Mankovsky, creator of the much copied "Sorry I'm late" video just sent me his latest work, and it's like made for me. He's got flame throwers and slow motion going on, and has wisely thrown in a couple of very unattractive hillbillies so that I don't die from a major case of the thigh-sweats. Yes, these men duel with a flamethrower and a fire extinguisher. It's aggressive, it's gorgeous. It makes me tingle.

Thomas says;

“Duels fascinate me. It used to be a popular thing, but in modern days it has died out. So I thought that probably somewhere in the States, some hillbillies are still doing it, their way.”

Shot almost entirely on the phantom camera at a 1000fps, threw up its own difficulties.

“The next tricky thing was getting the exposure right where Adam Frisch, the DP, did a great job. Since we shot at high frame rates we needed a lot of light, but I wanted to shoot it at night, which made it difficult. And on top of that, the main element in frame was a huge fireball that was really bright.”

Shooting in camera was a conscious decision to create a more real and visually striking film.

”It was difficult to know how this shootout would look like in superslowmo. We did some tests with a gas-flamethrower but the flame was only 2-3 meters and it looked quite bad in slowmo, so the special effects guys had to build a new flamethrower from scratch. They made one with liquid fuel, and that one was much better, firing out 10-15 meter flames. But the first time we saw how the flamethrower and fire extinguisher looked and behaved in slowmo was on the day of the shoot.”

This is part of Diesel:U:Music, the brand's ongoing program supporting new and upcoming artists, Blink and former Fallon London creative/director Tomas Mankovsky crafted this new video for the Dancing Pigeons track Ritalin, which, in its own way, illlustrates the Fire & Water theme of the brand's current collection. The video is also accompanied by a set of prints, and a longer, short film version will soon be released on

Directed by Tomas Mankovsky Cast/ Performers (in order of appearance) Old Man - Keith Francis Flame Man - Adam Speers Ice Man - Phil Zimmerman Producer - Patrick Craig Casting Director - Sophie North Editor - Julian Tranquille Post Production Supervisor - Justin Brukman 1st AD - Chris Kelly 1st AD - Ben Fogg Production Manager - Adam Shaw Director Of Photography - Adam Frisch Focus Puller - Jeremy Fusco Phantom Technician - John Hadfield Camera Assistant - Roland Philip 7D Camera Assistant - Chris Nunn Gaffer - Tony Miller Spark - Jim Okeffe Spark - Chris Georgeous Spark - Jason Fletcher Genny Op - Kevin Cooli Genny Op - Lee Parfit Art Director - Arthur De Borman Art Director - Sam Ludgate Special Effects - Artem Special Effects Supervisor - Simon Tayler Special Effects Technicians - Toby Stewart Special Effects Technicians - Jonathan Bickerdike Special Effects Technicians - Matt Loader Hair & Make Up - Izzy Broad Stylist - Tess Loe Stylist Assistant - Daisy Babbington Fire Cover - 1st Defense Medical Cover - Location Medical Animals - A-Z Animals - Gerry Cott Photography - Marcus Palmqvist Photography Assistant - Belinda Foord Production Assistant - Rob Leonard Runner - Sophia Marks Runner - Lola Marks Runner - Anna Fogg Special Thanks To Cut and Run Take 2 Films MPC Green Door Films Panalux Black Country Parks San Remo Café Commissioned by Diesel:U:Music

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