Lesbians kissing. A legless man sprinting on hi-tech prostheses, likely nod to Oscar Pictorius. A lookalike to Licia Ronzulli and her baby girl Vittoria in European Parliament plenary sessions. Factory workers, thousands of them, dressed in pink. A rock thrown at the police. An iceberg melting. A closeup of an occupy protestor with money taped on his mouth. Wind power. A family watching all of this on TV. And none of them decided to throw a rock at it for airing the most hypocritical ad of 2012. Amazing.

Peoples reactions to this "new normal" is not a happy one. Danske Bank already had a bad reputation, as they close offices in small towns and seemingly only want large customers, not small ones. The New normal is on twitter and facebook as Danes complain about the #newstandards-reklame.

Danske Bank A new normal demands New Standards Ad agency: Mensch Directed by: Martin Werner Produced by: Bacon