Gather 'round kids and listen to the story of the 1970's. Now, in the 1970's drugs were very popular. Oh sure, everyone know about cocaine. How else were you going to shake your buns at Studio 54 all night long, after waiting in line for three hours just to get in? Thing is, you couldn't stay wired all day, too, right? Enter the fun category of drugs called downers: Quaaludes, Tuinals, Seconals, Valium and other barbiturates helped even out the newly liberated me generation and make the day a little more...weird.

How else can you describe this hot mess of a commercial? First it's a really weird melody. Listen to the lyrics and it's safe to say the jingle writer had the munchies when he wrote it.

So then. Halfway through the spot the announcer comes in and tells us sober people don't sing about fried food. We transition into a product demo/animated sequence in which blue hands are grabbing grease off of food and saying gotcha! gotcha! gotcha! over and over again.

Then the singer (who is played by character actor Gail Strickland) returns and the rest of the family shows up to finish the song.

Dawn. The grease grabber.

It's glorious. Simply glorious. I think i got a contact high just watching it.

Brand: Dawn

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