Working via Colenso BBDO Auckland, FEEDTHEWALRUS Editor Adam Jenkins recently put together an epic mini-film for The Glue Society which crafts the tale of New Zealand's DB Export Beer.

Shot black-and-white, this classic and contemporary film tells the true story: in the 1950s, New Zealand's misguided Finance Minister, Arnold Nordmeyer, installed an oppressive tax on imported beer, shutting out the proletariat that had accounted for the majority of the beverage's sales. The suits and bureaucrats took over the bars, shutting out the working man. Then a hero emerged, Morton Coutts, who revolutionized the science of brewing beer. In setting out to work around the tax, he brewed a perfect, non-taxable export quality brew for the working man; DB Export Beer was born.

The skeptical blue-collar heroes swarmed the bars before erupting in celebration at the first chug, realizing that their carousing days were back.

Client: DB Export Beer
Spot Title: Beer, The Untold Story
Air Date: October 2010

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland
Creative Team: Nick Worthington, Karl Fleet, Tom Paine, Levi Slavin, Mike Davison
Producer: Nigel Sutton

Prod Co: Revolver
Director: The Glue Society
DP: Russell Boyd
EP: Michael Ritchie

Editor: Adam Jenkins
Assistant Editor: Adam Longo
Producer: Amanda Slamin

Additional Offline Editing: Justin Harwood @ Tomorrowland

Post/Effects Co: Perceptual Engineering
VFX Artist(s): Mike Robinson, Jon Baxter

Music Co: Liquid Studios
Composer: Peter van de Flut

Sound Design Co: Liquid Studios


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