Stardust put together this trippy video for DC Shoes starring graffiti/artist collective CYRCLE. I'm digging the animated camo.

Client: DC Shoes
Creative Director: Deven Stephens
Brand Marketing Director: Megan Easley
Senior Producer: Zeynep Taslica

Creative: Cyrcle
Rabi (David Torres)
Davey (David Leavitt)

Production Company: Stardust
Director: Seth Epstein
DP: Chris Walters
Executive Producer: Dexton Deboree
Creative Director: Sean Starkweather
Line Producer: Scott Ludden
Post Producer: Melina Osornio

Editorial/Visual Effects Company: Stardust
Editor: Theodore Neckar
Storyboard Artist: Judah Dobin
2D Animator/Compositor: Evan Stalker
2D Animator: Rachel Yonda
Intern: Wendy Yuen San Wong
Original Music: Massive Music

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