Del Taco takes it to a very weird level with its new spot. It looks like they're making beans in some steampunk themed disco or something. Remember kids, don't do drugs.

Oh yeah before I forget: between Ship My Pants and Unfreshing Believable, there is now a moratorium on near-swearwords in advertising.

Agency: Camp + King
Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp
Chief Executive Officer: Jamie King
Creative Director: Adam Koppel
Creative Director: Rikesh Lal
Director of Content Production: David Verhoef
Account Director: Lindsay Menasco
Brand Manager: Amy Marek
Director of Conversation Insights: Anne Tway

Production: Green Dot Films
Director: Richard Farmer
Director of Photography: Pierre Rouger
Production Designer: Michelle Derrick
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes
Executive Producer: Rich Pring
Line Producer: Ahnee Boyce

Editorial: Umlaut Films
Editor: Doug Cox
Executive Producer: Gina LoCurcio
Producer: Kelly Gibbs
Assistant Editor: Regina Rivard
Color/ VFX/ Online: Ivan Miller

Original Music: Yessian
Head of Production: Michael Yessian
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Yessian
Executive Music Producer: Dave Curtin
Executive Music Producer: Gerard Smerek
Composer: Dan Zank
Composer: Mark Chu
Composer: Daniel Johnson

Audio Mix: One Union Recording Studios
Audio Engineer: Joaby Deal


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  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    I seriously can not believe they are using the word Unfreshing. The first thing I see is UNFRESH. Horrible!

    Sep 25, 2013

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