This ad for Dell features one fictional character Marty Goldberg, filmmaker who practices the Goldberg method of making five second films and living in five second increments. Is it me, or has dell gotten really weird lately?

Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott, Y&R New York
Global Creative Director: Jim Radosevic, Y&R New York
Creative Director/Art Director: Alan Vladusic, Y&R New York
Creative Director/Copywriter: Bruce Jacobson, Y&R New York
Group Creative Director: Hunter Eshelman, VML New York
Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs, Y&R New York
Executive Producer: Gisellah Harvey, Y&R New York
Global Account Managing Director: Lara Griggs, Y&R New York
Group Account Director: Ann Carey, Y&R New York
Brand Strategist: Juliette Cilia, Y&R New York
Account Director: Thayer Joyce, VML New York
Production Company: Über Content
Director: Adam Gunser
Executive Producer/ Owner: Phyllis Koenig
Executive Producer/ Owner: Preston Lee
Executive Producer: Steve Wi
Line Producer: Pat Harris
Director of Photography: Jac Fitzgerald
Art Director: Marc Benacerraf


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