Nothing wrong with the execution of the new Dell ads from Young & Rubicam, in fact it looks quite good. It's just that it reminds me of the AT&T you will (at&t 2, at&t 3) so much because this has in fact been the default way of explaining high-tech computery doo-dah magic for almost twenty years. This is your standard corporate ID spot. Dell does it, IBM does it, even dead telco's do it.

Directed by Filip Tellander of B-reel, the campaign features a 60-second filmic spot titled “Anthem,” with four :15 spots edited out: “Healthcare,” “Financial Services,” “Small Business,” and “Museum.” That's also standard by the way, make one long spot you can chop up into sushi pieces. Chop chop!

Client: Dell Inc. Executive Director, Global Brand: Mary Ellen Dugan Strategist, Global Brand: Ann Lott Strategist, Global: Tamara Hernandez Agency: Young & Rubicam Global Creative Director: Jim Othmer Creative Director/Art: Aaron Smith Senior Producer: Sherri Hollander Account Director: Kara Travia Account Executive: Chris Ferrante Content Production Business Affairs: Debra Horvath Content Producer/Print: Veronica Reo Music Producer: Jessica Dierauer & Rachel Rauch Production Company: B-Reel Founding Partner/EVP: Pelle Nilsson Executive Producer: Susan Rued Anderson Director: Filip Tellander Producer: Lawrence Lewis Print Content Producer: Veronica Reo Photographer: Mike Piscitelli Photographer’s Producer: Lilas Hahn Photo Assistant: Ross Morrision VML Executive Creative Director: Mike Wente Post Production Supervisor: Steve Stone Editor: Spot Welders Editor: Brad Waskewich Producer: Amanda Slamin Production Service Company: Circle Productions Executive Producer: Tom Murray Production Manager: Mike Gill Crew Director: Filip Tellander Executive Producer: Susan Rued Anderson Head of Production: James Okumura Producer: Lawrence Lewis Production Manager: Mike Gill Production Coordinator: Neil MacDonald 1st A.D.: Gareth Moses Director of Photography: Mattias Montero Production Designer: Bill Leblanc