Selfies. Selfie Arm. The Center For Selfie Improvement. This spot will probably work well with teenagers. I look at it and see the decline of Western Civilization. That and the fact that we need to end the practice of end tags and mnemonics. Hearing the Intel Inside music just really ruins the moment.

Client: Dell Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott, Y&R New York Global Creative Director: Jim Radosevic, Y&R New York Creative Director/Art Director: Alan Vladusic, Y&R New York Creative Director/Copywriter: Bruce Jacobson, Y&R New York Group Creative Director: Hunter Eshelman, VML New York Executive Director of Content Production: Letitia Jacobs, Y&R New York Executive Producer: Gisellah Harvey, Y&R New York Global Account Managing Director: Lara Griggs, Y&R New York Group Account Director: Ann Carey, Y&R New York Brand Strategist: Juliette Cilia, Y&R New York Account Director: Thayer Joyce, VML New York Production Company: Über Content Director: Adam Gunser

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