"Magic can transform a frog into a prince and sadness into happily ever after. But it can't transform your business. Introducing Dell Technologies. Seven technology leaders now working together under one name. Ww're transforming jet engines into turbo powered safety inspectors. Dairy cows into living breathing data centers.And even a single hospital room into a global diagnostic network.And though it seems like magic, it's not It's not the simple wave of a wand. It's people and technology working together to transform impossible into reality. Magic can't make digital transformation happen but we can. Let's make it real."

Can I see by a show of hands anyone in 2017 who thought magic was a thing and technology wasn't? Anyone? No? I thought not. Mostly because it's not 1998 any more. As wondrous as this spot aims to be, and as good a job as it does telling you what Dell Technologies is all about, the premise is either stuck in the dayd before the dotcom bubble burst at best or just a bit patronizing. At this point the child actor at the beginning of the spot probably has an amazing grasp of technology and all its powers. So it's a strange way to launch a new technology network in 2017 by letting us know "It's not magic." Didn't think it was, Dell. Didn't think it was.

On the plus side, it's always nice to see Jeffery Wright. For even more cinematic weight this campaign was directed by Tom Hooper, the Academy-award winner behind 'The King's Speech."

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