I'm sure the creative team who came up with this knows at least one person like this at their shop. We all have them. They do as little as possible. They're the ones who are always on the foosball table, or playing video games. While you bust your hump.

Funny stuff, and nice insight too. Although I have to say, when I'm the one working 7 days a week while some asshole at the agency is "breaking," a fruit cup ain't gonna call me down.

Client: ConAgra Foods
Brand: Del Monte Fruit Cups
Campaign: Take a Fruit Break
TV Spot Title: “If Spencer Can”
Agency: Blammo
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Murray
Writers: Michael Murray, Vinay Parmar
Art Director: Oliver Brooks
Agency Producer: Alina Prussky
Account: Christine McNab, Ashley Weber
Production Company: Sons & Daughters
Director: Peter Martin
Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner
Line Producer: Andrew Sulliver
Editor: Jon DeVries
Editorial Company: School Editing
Online: Fort York
Sound Design & Music: Keen Music
OOH Photography: Andrew B. Myers

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