Chris Achiampong lives in a council estate so he's come a long way from there to landing an apprenticeship at IBM. This effort is part of the UK Government's Get In Go Far initiative, to create awareness about apprenticeships and change perceptions on them. You can learn on the job and get paid at the same time, and there are a lot of fields to choose. Chris seems like a positive guy and is happy to be getting out there and learning something he'll be able to use for the rest of his life, while at the same time, earning some money to help support his family. He's the first in this campaign in a series profiling young people who have chosen apprenticeships. It's part of the UK's effort to make three million of them available by the year 2020.
Is an apprenticeship different from an internship? I really don't know. But this not only makes Chris a poster child for what's possible, it also shows off the fact IBM is looking to bring in apprentices. So you know computers or technological fields are looking.
Firecracker's head of content, Claire Finn, said "Chris was such an interesting guy to work with. He was tipped to have a promising football career with Arsenal until he sustained a major injury. His brothers had all attended college, as was the family tradition, but he wanted to take his own path, earning money to help support his family.”
Perhaps it's because this spot is only :30 seconds, but knowing that backstory would have made it a lot more interesting to me. Hopefully as the others roll out they'll tap into the kids' backstories a bit, showing not just the diversity of jobs and cultures, but also reasons why they chose to go this route.

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