Design Week Vancouver is soon here, it takes place the 26-30 April 2010. How do you define the value of design?

"The theme of the conference this year is “Design Currency: Defining the Value of Design”. To play off the idea of currency, we created over 2200 custom bills and used a money counting machine to make a flipbook-style animation piece. It’s about identifying the different elements that increase design’s strength. It was definitely an interesting process figuring out how to make it work, but we’re thrilled with how it turned out." says Jen Bloxham

Rethink: Creative Director: Ian Grais Art Director: Todd Takahashi Copywriter: Keri Zierler Designer: Jeff Harrison Designer: Rory OSullivan DP #2: Chris Nielsen Broadcast Producer: Laura Rioux Print Producer: Jim Leith Account Manager: Jillian Yaehne Giant Ant Media: Director/DP/Editor/VFX: Jay Grandin Director/Animator/Editor/VFX: Todd Smith Wave Productions: Audio Producer/Engineer: Brandon Edwards Original music by: Brandon Edwards Illustrator: Jeff Burgess Printer: Total Graphics