Deutsche Telekom - Shift - (2009) :40 (Germany)


Deutsche Telekom - Shift - (2009) :40 (Germany)

Philipp und Keuntje Hamburg use the tilt-shift technique to make everyone and everything look small to make their point for Deutsche Telekom.

If you're a big fan of time-lapse tilt-shift don't miss Bathtub IV.

Client: Deutsche Telekom
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg

Director : Raf Wathion

Deli Pictures, Hamburg (Post production)
Steven Blackman (DoP)
Oliver Zacharias-Tölle (Creative Director)
Zoran Drobina (Art Director)
Axel Leyk (Agency Executive Producer)
Christine Kastens (Agency Producer)
Jan Fincke (CZAR.DE) (Executive Producer)
Brox Brochot (CZAR.DE) (Producer)
Fred Vrancken (CZAR.BE) (Producer)


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