Dickies - 874 vs 1850cc - (2010)


Dickies - 874 vs 1850cc - (2010)

Dickies has hired Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to make them more famous, and the first campaign put the their 874 Work Pants to the test to prove they're so tough you have to "Earn Them". In this ad there's direct reference to Levi Strauss old logo with the horses, but Dickies are tougher and have the 874 meet 1850cc. Ouch.

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Ad agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners



This will be interesting. Dickies owned 2 demographics. Skateboarders and Streetart/Tattoo/LA street Gang member folks. Unless they change their style and material I don't know if they can go mainstream. But I can see them going after construction workers etc. Problem is do they then lose the demo's they own. Will be interesting to see.

Yep, it's always tricky with a brand that has subculture cult-status. My first reaction was "omg, gotta throw away my dickies, they do ADS now". Yes, I have those knee-jerk reactions. Even though I know full well that my rebellion is someone elses marketing strategy.

Would be funny if Dickies set up a social media campaign where people submit photos of them wearing Dickies and having conservative farm workers in Iowa seeing their photo next to this latino gangster in LA cover in tattoo's. I am going to call the agency now and pitch this grand idea. Maybe make it a 'Dickies one world One people' campaign =)


I'm NOT!

Hehe, I would like to apologize for my failed attempt at injecting "Life of Brian" into everything today. That joke didn't work at all.

You meant Life of Bwion right?

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