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Die Antwoord - Evil Boy (Explicit Version) - (2010)


Die Antwoord - Evil Boy (Explicit Version) - (2010)

Four minutes and thirty nine seconds of WTF!?, featuring Wanga, a teenage Xhosa emcee, and Diplo himself. Die Antwoord (The Answer) are here to mess with your synapses combining thumping beats with a heavy dose of surreal and downright scary dancing creatures. From Yolanda, bleached the whitest of white's with her collection of white rats while wearing a rat-jacket, to the freaky alien like creatures with District 9 prawn arms. The graffiti which is part Keith Haring, part new african art as it happen when one marries naive to city-culture. This is all kinds of perfect.

The video is a protest against Xhosa ritual male circumcision, which explains the many phallic images and perhaps the penis microphone too.

2010 Interscope Records
featuring Wanga & Diplo



fuck what did I just wtacth?

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