Dior - Charlize Theron / Runway - (2011)


Dior - Charlize Theron / Runway - (2011)

Dior engage Charlize Theron again, and while they're at it they bring back Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe from the dead. Marilyn? She who so famously only slept in "five drops of Chanel no. 5" and has already promoted that perfume back in the nineties? Yes. Dior even make Marilyn say Dior in this ad which I find a tad off, but not as off as Charlize's extra-strutty-strut. You're going to hurt yourself honey, slow down.

TBWA Paris is the agency behind the Charlize Theron TVC for Dior
Client : Dior
Ad Agency : TBWA PARIS
Director : Jean-Jacques ANNAUD
Executive Creative Director : Eric Holden
Executive Creative Director : Rémi Noël
Creative Director : Sophie Guyon with Stéphanie Ragot
Production company : WANDA Production
Agency Producer : Maxime Boiron-Thierry Dommange
Post production : Mikros Image


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