The elderly, man. They're so lonely. They can't catch a break in the loneliness department. Everyone else is out there living and they're forgotten. Until now. A smart idea from Grey Ecuador to inspire a change in behavior. There's a big classic soccer match going on. To encourage families to get together and watch it, DirecTV will broadcast the game for free. But only for subscribers who are 65 years of age or older. Chances are they are already watching the game. And being on a fixed income, they may be watching their dollars (I had to look it up but wasn't aware Ecuador's currency is the U.S. dollar.) So this is a great way to give them a break, give the younger people a chance to check out DirecTV and hopefully sign up. Smart idea.

Client: DIRECTV Ad Agency: Maruri Grey Ecuador CCO: Eduardo Maruri ECD: Pipo Morano Copywriter: Pipo Morano Art Director: Santiago Landaburú/Pablo Pérez Director Relationship Manager: Santiago Crespo Account Executive: Gabriela Armendariz / Clara Fernández Client: Nicolás Landazzuri / Tamara Espinosa Production Company: Maruri Films Director: Bayardo Chávez Director Assistant: Carlos Idrovo Photography Director: Pepe Palma PostProduction: Alexandra Dávila Producer: Eugenia Ramos Producer Assistant: Daniela Ubilla