This spot for Disneyland Paris is insightful, lovingly shot, and unlike its American counterparts, does not pander. In fact, this might be the best Disney Spot I've seen, because its honest. If you read between the lines it's basically saying "your kids only have a few more years to enjoy the child like wonder called Disney, so make the most of it."
If there's one critique to be had its in the VO. It's not that it's superfluous; but you're already showing me so much of the story, it could have been halved. I also suspect the "happy read," was a directive from Disney.

Still though, it's a pretty smart spot.

Client: DISNEYLAND PARIS BRAND MANAGEMENT Claire Bilby, Jean-Christophe Gandon, Brigitte Elmkies-Sitbon, André Delvallée, Audrey Bedoucha AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Carole Bilde, Romain Van Den Plas, Adeline Dupuits, Virginie Gore-Coty CREATIVE DIRECTORS Richard Desrousseaux, Étienne Turquet ART DIRECTOR Landry Stark TRAFIC Céline Laporte, Lena Lebras TV PRODUCER Laure Denizot PRODUCTION COMPANY BANDITS SOUND PRODUCTION GUM DIRECTOR Martin Hodara

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