Compared to its counter part "Big Yet Small," this spot for Disneyland Paris is a bit more expected in. Yet it still manages to capture the wondrous world of being a kid with an imagination. The cinematography is beautiful. And despite a rather obvious insight it is still eons away from the sappy sappy stuff that's done for Disney in the U.S.

Client: DISNEYLAND PARIS BRAND MANAGEMENT Claire Bilby, Jean-Christophe Gandon, Brigitte Elmkies-Sitbon, André Delvallée, Audrey Bedoucha AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Carole Bilde, Romain Van Den Plas, Adeline Dupuits, Virginie Gore-Coty CREATIVE DIRECTORS Richard Desrousseaux, Étienne Turquet ART DIRECTOR Landry Stark TRAFIC Céline Laporte, Lena Lebras TV PRODUCER Laure Denizot PRODUCTION COMPANY BANDITS SOUND PRODUCTION GUM DIRECTOR Martin Hodara

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