Every 90 minutes a woman dies victim of male violence in Brazil. Let that sink in before you hit play.

Now, to draw attention to this important but often ignored topic, domestic violence, Disque Denúncia and Agência 3 arranged for the world's first mixed gender MMA fight. They announced it well in advance, and all the social media channels blew up with people upset about the idea. Others defending it. Comments and flameouts galore, and lots of media attention followed. Come the night of the fight, there's the twist. There will be no fight tonight, at least not here.

Campaign Title: Mixed Gender Fight Client: Disque Denúncia Advertising Agency: Agência 3 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Copywriters: Cadu Vigilia, Gabriel Gil Art Director: Durval Filho Creative Director: Luis Claudio Salvestroni Associate Creative Director: Jader Rossetto Film Production: Kombat Films Director: Gabriel Mattar Music and Sound Design: Sonido

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