Bad Pants are the khaki equivalent to Dad Jeans. Or Mom Jeans for that matter. This spot features Sarah Harbaugh, wife of professional football coach Jim Harbaugh. She's been a vocal opponent of her husband's bad pants for a while now, which I'm sure makes him feel loved and not insulted at all.

In this faux-PSA, Sarah reaches out to all those baggy pants wearin' men and the women who love them to Stop Dad Pants. Once freed from this affliction, dads will never be frumpy and baggy again. Just take Jim as an example. He's living a happier and more stylish life now, thanks to form-fitted Dockers. He can even tie his own shoes.

Although the fake PSA is well-trodden territory, it's at least nice to see a light-hearted spot in time for Father's Day. Because it isn't as self-aggrandizing as the ones that pander to Dad The Hero.™

It is starting to fall into the Dumb Dad™ stereotype but at least there's truth in this stereotype. The older men get, the more some of them start to, shall we say, dress for comfort rather than style. Besides it seems to work with the Harbaugh's charming family.

Oh yeah! There's also a social component involved, too. If you go to the Dockers website you can find out the details on how to enter yourself into a chance to win tickets to see a 'Niners game in San Francisco. So head on over and get crackin'.

Client: Dockers Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell Group Creative Director: Ryan Scott Creative DIrector: Todd Taylor Web Copywriter: Mark Garman Producer: Joe Mosca Interactive CD: Derek Little Interactive Designer: Hannah Dillon Tech Lead: Aaron Grando Developers: Bryan King, Ed Taylor Digital Strategy: Uri Weingarten, Catie Borzillo, Josh Sirulnik Social Strategy: Annie Heckenberger, Jenny Shaab Account Team: Perry Morris, Jacqui Abel Production Company: Chirp Director: Seth Townsend Director of Photography: Cliff Traiman Executive producer: John Malina Line Producer: Breigh Kenley Editing House: Red Alert Editor: Bryan McGee

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