Dodge - Shared Passion - (2009) :30 (USA)




Dodge - Shared Passion - (2009) :30 (USA)

Original music/sound design house Expansion Team, led by Creative Director Alex Moulton, went from zero to sixty, and everywhere in between, for four clever new ads for the Texas Dodge Dealers Association and agency BBDO, Detroit.

“These were a lot of fun to work on because each spot is so completely different musically,” Moulton says. “It gave us a chance to show off the diverse styles we work in and the eclectic mix of composers we have access to.”

Case in point is “Shared Passion.” The spot, which features visuals from noted design/effects studio Stardust, Los Angeles, depicts the bored doodlings of the average car-loving, high-school male, complete with intricate ballpoint ink renderings of muscle cars like the Dodge Avenger, Charger and Challenger morphing into growling monsters and burning rubber through the confines of his notebook.

To create the perfect classic hard rock, FM-radio-blasting-from-car-speakers vibe, Moulton turned to Gooding, a composer based in Los Angeles who is also a member of the band The Angel/Devils. Expansion Team’s Jesse Petersen handled the sound design.

“The music evokes that feeling of being a kid in school, doodling monsters and cars and not paying attention to the teacher,” Moulton says. “The agency wanted a fun but aggressive rock track and Gooding really nailed the attitude.”

The other standout spot in the package is “Loading.” Designed to feel like a personal YouTube video, complete with word ‘loading’ appearing in the center of the screen as if the video is actually loading, the spot shows a group of 20-somthings packing up their Dodge Journey and Caliber and taking advantage of all the clever storage compartments and space.

Composed by Moulton, the music takes a pop electronica approach, beginning with a simple piano and drum groove that quickly builds into a more driving tune thanks to a thumping bass and powerful drum loop. One of the clever aspects of the music is that each time the video ‘loads,’ the music subtly drops out, sounding momentarily as if its coming through a telephone speaker.

“I approached this one as if it were a national spot,” Moulton says. “I wanted the music to not feel distinctly ‘Texas,’ but more universal and open.”

Client: Texas Dodge Dealers Association
Project: Four-Spot Package

Agency: BBDO, Detroit, MI
Producer: Jack Nelson
Art Director: Bill Majewski
Copywriter: Merritt Fritchie

Production Company: Stardust, Los Angeles (“Shared Passion)
Notorious 24:7, Santa Monica, CA (“Loading)

Music/Sound Design: Expansion Team, New York, NY
Composer: Gooding (“Shared Passion”)
Alex Moulton (“Loading)
Sound Design: Jesse Petersen (“Shared Passion”)
Producer: Jean Kouremetis
Executive Producer: April Jaffe


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