Released at New York Auto Show, this Sam Bayer directed effort celebrates Dodge's 100th anniversary by celebrating people who have passed the century mark. What have they learned after 100 years?

Easy-- Learn from your mistakes. Life is good. Be strong. Be bad. Live a little. Don't always do what you're told to do. Break the rules.Be a bad boy. And never, ever forget where you came from.
And when all else fails, get bailed out by the government and form a partnership with Italian car company Fiat.

Okay they didn't mention that last part but you know.

I like how the advice and wisdom starts in a very earnest way and then ends with the people all but saying "Tell the world to go screw itself."

Fun and inspiring.

Client: Dodge
Agency The Richards Group
Group Creative Head / Writer Chuck Schiller
Group Creative Head / Art Director Aaron Thornton
Broadcast Producer Sharon Chortek
Art Producer Julie Richards
Production Company HSI Productions
Director Samuel Bayer
Executive Producer / Managing Director Rebecca Skinner
Executive Producer Jennifer Dennis
Managing Director Michelle Ross
Head of Production Doron Kauper
Producer William Green
Editing Company 3008, Dallas
Editor Marc Stone
Executive Producer Anne Strock


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